Why I love my Surface 2

I was thinking about doing a piece on why I love my new Surface 2. But then i came along this great video from blogger Sean Ong on YouTube. He perfectly explains what you can do with this tablet. I cannot imagine why you would buy an iPad when you can do all of this.

Quoting the information from YouTube:

"He shows off voice control (windows speech recognition), multiple monitor support, and a variety of accessories via USB hub (including external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox 360 controller integration). He shows how to connect the Surface 2 to the HDTV as well as wireless casting of music and video! In addition he goes through some other features, such as Spotify web player, and icloud web. Also kid friendly applications and multiple accounts.

Well see for yourself – the video is below (or the link is here http://youtu.be/wG1b0yBJHLM):