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Searching is one-dimensional; actions have much more value to us. It is interesting how we are now used to using the Internet in our daily live. Most of our activities focus on engaging with this vast amount of computing power by giving it single-dimensional tasks. We search for an address, maybe for a review of a new mobile phone or any other aspect of our complex live that needs information to proceed.

We as humans are very good in taking the outputs of the internet and combining it into actions and decisions. Putting context to facts and figures enables us to make decisions and actually do something.

No more endless clicking on links and pages to get things done on the Internet. Delegate the work to Siri and relax while Siri takes care of it for you…” (

Siri is about to change this paradigm. By combining existing capabilities with our inquiries on a mobile platform (with strong speech recognition) it can make decisions, take actions on our behalf and answer complex queries in Real Time.

Siri – I would like to have a taxi in 1 hour…”, is an inquiry that shows what I mean. Siri needs to understand where I am, otherwise it could not dispatch a taxi to the right location. It also has to find a way to actually order a taxi.

It all works based on two starting points: (a) the Programmable Web and (b) the Semantic Web.

Remember I wrote about the fact that we are able to monitor the availability of Internet API’s? There are already dozens of API’s available that allow a process such as Siri to reach out and send commands to the web services that have an API and the number is growing fast. Because most services also have a semantic context attached to it, Siri can distinguish between a taxi or a limousine service. When other data on the web also gets a semantic context, not only API’s will be available to Siri – but also storylines, opinions, emotions and priorities.

The creators of Siri have establish an engine that can already talk with dozens of API’s. These include restaurant services, music, movie, taxi, local shopping, weather and airline services. This allows you to ask very complex questions such as: “Siri, I want to see a movie with Clark Gable in about an hour, can you order me the transport and tickets for this?” or “Siri, please order a table for 2 in my favorite Chinese restaurant, next Thursday at 9:00 pm”.

This all is run through an iPhone app with apparently excellent speech recognition and the developers have stated other mobile platforms will follow shortly.Go to for the full story.

I do not know if Siri is going to make it, but they have some serious money behind them as stated in their interview with Robert Scoble. Even if this particular company is not going to make it – I predict this is the next killer app for any platform and a whole new way of utilizing the power of the Internet.

Siri is being described as a ‘Do-Engine’ to explain the difference to a ‘Search-Engine’. More of these applications are emerging as Personal Assistant Apps.

Star Trek comments are allowed, but this is real now and it works.

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3 thoughts on “Siri – The next chapter of the Web”

  1. Thank you for this article about Siri. What a pity that I have tossed my iPhone 3GS and went back to a Windows Mobile phone. To be honest, I don’t like those web developers that create iPhone-only or iPhone-first applications. They leave out the huge majority of smartphone users.

  2. Very interesting article. Voice recognition is finally functional enough to have new horizons on solutions and ideas. The intelligence behind it is also not far from being a reality, since the market is a little bit more mature with integration methodologies.

  3. DenisNCaldeira, I have seen several demonstrations of the voice recognition in this Siri app. It was quite impressive – however all of them were in USA English – we have still a long way to go for other languages I’m afraid.
    Marcel, Siri is of course an American company. The market share of iPhone in the US is now larger than Windows Mobile.
    BTW, you will also see that Siri primarely focusses on US services. That however does not make the idea less stunning.

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