6 categories with 43 BPOS resources – it is all you need to start, migrate and administrate

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On the Microsoft TechNet blogs, a blog posting by Oscar Maqueda gives a good and complete overview of all available BPOS resources. Oscar’s blog is in Spanish so most non-Spanish people will probably not normally end up there. For your convenience I have copied the English part of his list here. It is an impressive list of all the resources in one place. Enjoy.

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Category 1: according to Oscar this is “Must read and keep on a USB key”.

In other words, this is core content that you cannot be without. You will constantly refer back to it and it needs to be refreshed every month.

Service Descriptions and white papers:

The absolute best resource is the Deployment Site . There will find a link to the holy grail of BPOS-S technical information related to migration: The BPOS Deployment Guide.

Useful detail can be found in a more summary form in the Service Descriptions:

Category 2: according to Oscar this is “Must read, subscribe and check when updated”.
Category 3: Online Training

A) Public

B) For Partners

Start here:



  • Migration and Onboarding Deep Dive :
    The Deployment Guide (above) should be used the most current reference. This deep dive is still solid though and contains detailed content  on migration and pre-sales discovery. Level 200-400.


  • See Depth Guidance references
Category 4: Online References
Category 5: Depth Guidance
  • Infrastructure Planning Guides – very good for walking through evaluating on-premise to online migrations.

SharePoint Online

Exchange Online

  • Developers Guides: what you can and can’t do with web services and BPOS.

Exchange Online

SharePoint Online


Category 6: Tools

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