Office Web Apps, LinkedIn and Facebook all become one happy family

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Microsoft has rolled out numerous updates to its web services (see below for the news-links).



Office Web Apps is updated with new features such as embedding public documents in blogs and websites. You can expect automatic updates across the web of these publications, when the original file gets updated.

Think about this, I update my original document(s) and all of its ‘clones’, everywhere on the internet are updated automatically.




Windows Live announced an integration with LinkedIn, the social networking site for business profiles and connections. Contacts in Windows Live can be integrated with contacts in LinkedIn and properties of the contacts can be merged to create a “more complete” profile of your contacts. Also status updates will propagate into Live Messenger. Full federation will be rolled out over the next weeks.

Think about this; from a cultural point of view, all your business partners now will become your buddies, with instant updates on their status.


Facebook chatting will be integrated with Live Messenger. Not only for the desktop software (that was already a big success: Windows Live Messenger already ranks fourth in daily active users who connect to Facebook worldwide (source)),  but now also for the web version of Live Messenger.

Think about this; Live Messenger is the worlds largest chat network and Facebook is the worlds largest social networking site.

My observations:

  1. Will the internet be resilient enough to support all this integration overhead, after all it was not build to act as an enterprise service bus (aaah, you SOA lovers, think about that for a while….).
  2. Anybody that now discards the importance of cloud orchestration, really has no clue about what is going on (more on this later).

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