Windows Mobile 7 to be unveiled in February 2010?


Yesterday Long Zheng posted a news item on the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 2010).

Apparently he is invited by Microsoft Australia to visit this conference:

During Microsoft’s PDC09 developer event in November last year, it was revealed (to the disappointment of many) that Windows Mobile 7 would only be discussed half-a-year-later at Microsoft MIX10 in March.

However as of today it’s pretty much certain we’ll get to see this make-or-break mobile OS first, a month-ahead of MIX10, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona during February 15-18.


It is clear to everybody that Microsoft is losing ground very rapidly in the mobile space to Apple, Nokia and GoogleWindows Mobile 6.5 is nowhere near the appeal that the competition is bringing to the table – something must be done. One could argue that Microsoft is too late to make up for the lost market share – but it would not be the first time that the company is able to show they have the capability to create/conquer a market that seems to be lost to them.

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