HPCwire: BEinGRID Transitions to IT-Tude.com


Project Coordinator Santi Ristol from Atos Origin confirms – "In today’s changing economy, businesses require even more assurance that the solutions presented to them are valid, proven, and practical.

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 25 — BEinGRID (Business Experiments in GRID) is coming today to a key transition stage. The project financed by the European Commission is ending but the achievements are taken forward in IT-Tude.com. Over the past four years BEinGRID has identified clear business needs to be met by Grid technologies. 25 pilots covering industrial sectors such as finance, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and health, have focused on solving real problems using different Grid technology solutions for collaboration, performance and enabling new services. The project’s applications and innovative solutions are promoted at the ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009 event held this week in Stockholm. And the results demonstrated show how businesses may profit from distributed computing — from Grid to Cloud solutions. [HPCwire: BEinGRID Transitions to IT-Tude.com]

Atos Origin signs the first local e-government public-private partnership contract with GIP e-Bourgogne


Innovative technologies contributing to a stronger local government

Paris, 25 November 2009 – Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin’s expertise in high-tech transactional services, and GIP e-Bourgogne have signed the first French public-private partnership contract for IT solutions for a duration of 10 years. Atos Worldline will ensure the development, operation, hosting and maintenance of the first local e-government platform implemented to support the public sector and private businesses in the region. Bourgogne is the first region in France to implement this project, which forms part of the French government’s modernization policy. The objective of this policy is to provide its users with paperless services, with a view to simplifying administrative procedures. [more…]