Seamless Computing: It is here

Readers of this blog know that I am always looking for new ways how different computers (or computer clouds) can interact to executed a complex task. Nowadays we see people work and play with a variety of different devices and most of the time struggling when these devices need to share information.

It becomes even a bigger problem when the devices need to be working together. But it seems we are getting there, using existing technologies, the video below shows a glimpse of the type of task we can through such combinations of devices and different interfaces.

It is not a ‘wow-look-at-the-future’ video, showing us all kinds of things that still need to be invented. Instead it is using existing technology, combined in a smart way.

I bet that doing the task that is shown in the video, in a ‘normal’ way, would take several hours and a lot of conversions.

Seamless Computing Video
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